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Genugten Agri Projects has been appointed by Hunland to design and construct a turn-key, state-of-the-art pig farm in Hungary.

On behalf of Hunland, a global leader in livestock export/import, Genugten Agri Projects designed and construct a new, turn-key sow farm in Hungary, close to the nation’s capital Budapest. With the new farm Hunland is expected to increase their annual piglet production with approx. 120.000 piglets. The pig farm is being constructed on a location near the main office of Hunland in Bugyi. The buildings in the project contain a total usable floor surface of over 27.000 sqm, with room for 4.080 sows, 18.380 piglet places and 875 places for gilt production.

The whole project can broadly be divided in four main buildings, of which two buildings accommodate the pigs. One of the two stables is a 2-story building of which the entire top floor is equipped for the housing of piglets. The ground floor of the stable is divided in departments for farrowing, gilts production and departments for mating and early gestation. The 2-story building has a useable floor surface of 18.313 sqm. The other stable that accommodates pigs is a stable for gestation and gilts production with a total usable floor surface of 7.300 sqm.

Between the two main stables is a building which is primarily used for loading purposes and has a crematory/carcass cooling for the pigs. In front of the 2-story building is a social building which has, among others, five apartment for long-stay employees on the top floor. The lower floor has a canteen, showers and a room for technical purposes. The whole project is developed turn-key. The grand opening of this state-of-the-art pig farm took place at June 9, 2023.